Q.  I have an annual subscription purchased through the Microsoft Store, yet when I go to Xodo Web it says I don't have the Pro version. How do I access Xodo Pro from my Windows account to Xodo.com?

A. Xodo has recently changed the way the subscription is handled so that cross-platform usage is enabled.
  • Please open the Microsoft Store app on your computer and log in with the user who purchased Xodo Pro
  • In the Microsoft Store app, go to Library and update Xodo to version 6.0.0 or higher
  • Open Xodo and go to Settings> Licensing and select Sign In
  • Create an account with the same email.
  • Settings> Licensing and link the account
That's it! You are good to go.

If you continue to experience issue, please follow these steps exactly as they appear in order:

  1. Sign out of the Microsoft store application (not the website but the actual Microsoft store application that is on your computer)
  2. Sign out of the Xodo application (view  xodomsstore.gif of me completing steps 1 & 2).
  3. Sign into the Microsoft store application (use your Microsoft store account that purchased the Xodo Pro subscription)
  4. Sign into the Xodo application (which should open a browser and ask you to sign in, use your Xodo account)
  5. Once steps 3 and 4 have been completed, the link pro account button should appear within the Xodo application, click that button (view  xodomsstore2.gif of me completing steps 3 & 4 )