Starting from v8.0, Xodo will offer unlimited Xodo Actions as part of the Xodo Pro premium feature package along with limited actions in the free version. Xodo Actions are an easy way for you to use our powerful tools for your documents.

How to access Xodo Actions

To access actions, simply tap on the bottom tab labeled “Actions”

You will see different sections under tools:

  • Recent (This will not show up if you have not used any Xodo Actions before)
  • Convert from PDF
  • Convert to PDF
  • Edit
  • Manage
  • Convert From Office
If an option is not visible on your screen you may need to tap See all to see a full list. 

Xodo Actions is also visible on the File Info drawer and within our Viewer 

Search Xodo Actions

You can enter search mode by tapping the magnify glass on the top right of the screen

View Processed Files

After processing a file with Xodo Actions you can find them in your Files list. You can access this by tapping on the Files tab

Free Xodo Actions

Xodo Actions include most actions as free to use with a daily limit. The daily limit will reset the next day. You can check if you have any free actions by checking the grey bar at the bottom of the Tools tab