Note that hiding the command bar does not remove the status bar. To remove the status bar, see how to turn on full screen mode.

You can hide the command bar in Xodo in order to get more space for reading.
It is very simple to do so. Open the overflow menu in the command bar (the three dots) and select the Unpin Command Bar option.

In order to bring the bar back, you can right click anywhere on the screen with a mouse, or on a touch device, simply tap on any white space on the screen. Tapping on an annotation, form field, or text, will trigger editing or text selection. Tapping any white area of the page or the gray areas between pages will bring up the menu.

You can pin the command bar again by opening the overflow menu and selecting Pin Command Bar.

Note: For Phones, this option is not available. The command bar is always unpinned and can not be pinned.

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