Since v7.0, Xodo offers a subscription to unlock advanced features while keeping the fundamental features free. This will help us continue to improve the app and bring you more future enhancements (both premium and free)!

View and annotate remains to be free for personal use only!

The list of new premium features include:
- License for business use
- Unlimited Actions
- Bulk file conversion
- Favorites Toolbar
- Redaction Toolbar
- Theme Color Pack
- Smart Pen
- Export to Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and HTML
- Edit PDF Outline
- Advanced Annotation Filtering
- Nested Layers Control
- Default Tool for Stylus

Why are we offering a subscription?

Xodo was released for free since 2016, since then we've provided numerous updates and new features to support our users. Compare to many other PDF readers in the market, Xodo Android offers a lot more features for free, such as merging documents, splitting pages, measurement tools and many more which normally would cost money in other apps.

Satisfying our users' needs has always been our top priority and we wish to continue doing that. However, some features take a lot of time and effort to implement. To sustain the development cost, since version 7, we introduced new premium features, while keeping many existing features free of charge. 

Purchasing a premium package helps us bring you more future enhancements (both premium and free), funds the hard work of our team, and enables our product to succeed. We appreciate your continued support.

Unlimited Actions

Process as many documents as you need for actions like PDF to Word conversion, merging and extracting documents.

Favorites Toolbar

Build your own toolbar, see guide: Favorites Toolbar.

Redaction Toolbar

Remove sensitive content from a PDF document, see guide: Redaction Toolbar.

Theme Color Pack

We introduced 6 new themes as part of the premium package in addition to the 2 free themes. Enjoy these handcraft selection of 6 themes. See guide: Change Theme.

Smart Pen

The new smart pen tool streamlines the note-taking experience, making note-taking workflows a breeze. You can now create text markups and ink annotations on documents seamlessly without switching tools.

Export to Word

It is now possible to convert your document to a MS WORD (.docx) file. Open a file -> click on the overflow menu -> select "Export" -> "DOCX".
Note, OCR not included, scanned documents will be converted to WORD file with images.

Edit PDF Outline

Create and/or edit PDF outline (table of content), see guide: Edit PDF Outline.

Advanced annotation filtering

It is now possible to filter which annotations to show in the document by its type, author, and color. This makes it easier for you to find relevant annotations quickly.

To filter annotations:
- Go to the annotation list
- Click on the icon on top right to get to the filter screen

Default tool mode when using stylus

Change which tool to use in Stylus as Pen mode, see guide: Default stylus tool mode.

* No refunds, subscription can be cancelled as described here: