If you have the ActivePDF License Manager installed

 C:\Program Files (x86)\ActivePDF License Manager\APLicManager.exe

you should use that program to manage your ActivePDF licenses.

 If you do not have the License Manager installed, or your License Manager does not look like the one above, there are two options:

  1. Run the ActivePDF Product installer for the current product far enough to enter your serial number, then exit the installer.
    • The License Manager will be installed.
  2. Use the Stand-Alone License Manager APLclient.exe included in the attached zip file
 USAGE: Check the folder C:\ProgramData\ActivePDF\Licenses

a) If you have the files activepdf.lic and licenses.def, then simply run APLclient.exe

b) If you do not have the files activepdf.lic and licenses.def, copy over the files included in the zip file, then run the APLclient.exe

How do customers using the Toolkit NuGet package get licensing installed?

 Extract the files to C:\ProgramData\activePDF\Licenses and run APLClient.exe to install your licenses.