This serial number has already been activated on this machine. Please deactivate first. If you are unable to do so, please use  activation and contact ActivePDF Support directly.

Case #1:

Customer's Infrastructure IT Department will sometimes try to reactivate serial numbers from a renewal order for serial numbers that are already in place. For the regular server license model the infrastructure guys don’t need to do anything. Their licenses are already in place so they don’t have to activate anything new.


The licenses have already been renewed with your recent maintenance and support renewal order. For the production renewals, no action is required unless you plan on upgrading your production software. In the case of perpetual production renewals, customers will not experience any service interruption so no action is required on your part. We simply send you the certificate showing the current term.

Case #2:

Customers have uninstalled and reinstalled but the license wasn't properly deactivated. Sometimes they will troubleshoot a support issue by uninstalling and reinstalling our software. Customers may have a blank License Manager or the serial number appears with status "not yet activated". They are trying to add the same serial number to the same machine but the error occurs when customers no longer have the .lic & .def files in the program data folder.


Proceed with manual activation. During the reinstall, after adding the serial number, click cancel and the manual activation dialog box appears. The Customer gets the application code from the License Manager and Customer Service can match that on the back end using the License Admin tool for what we show is already activated. Then Customer Service can give the unlock code back to the customer to enter manually.

If the serial number appears inside the License Manager with status "not yet activated" from inside the License Manager, click on the product and select activate then cancel and select manual activation method. 

Note: The License Manager will automatically look for an internet connection and when you cancel that operation it will allow you to choose the manual method (email or phone).

For more information on this error or other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket at