Due to the security Microsoft implemented starting with Windows Server 2012, the security measures implemented by Microsoft prohibit automation for registering the I.E User. Manual implementation is required.

The following error may occur when using IE Engine WebGrabber:

Attempted to run an Internet Explorer conversion with I.E. conversions disabled. Enable I.E. conversions in the configuration manager.


  1. Run WebGrabberLogon.exe as Administrator from the following directory: C:\Program Files\ActivePDF\P3\Agents\WebGrabber

  1. Verify the user listed in the WebGrabberLogon.exe has Local Admin rights. This can be verified by doing the following:

  • Start > Run > compmgmt.msc
  • Expand Local User and Groups
  • Click on the user configured for WebGrabber Login

  1. Sign out and Login with the WebGrabber Login user configured.
  2. Once logged in “DO NOT SIGN OUT”, either switch of lock the user.
  3. Sign back in as a different User.
  4. Run Task manager, Start > Run > taskmgr.exe
  5. Click the user tab and verify that user is listed as Disconnected.

  1. Run the WebGrabber Basic Conversion sample script using IE Conversion