No Bookmarks in the Output PDF

When a Microsoft® Word file is converted, the expected bookmarks are not present in the output PDF.

Probable Cause

The option to Support Intelligent PDF in the CUI is disabled, or the UseIntelligentPDF property is not set in the SDK.


In the Configuration Manager, enable the option to Support Intelligent PDF to convert bookmarks. Enabling this option also converts input HTML links, header styles, and tables of contents and their links. If using the DocConverter SDK, set the UseIntelligentPDF property, as the Support Intelligent PDF setting in the Configuration Manager will be ignored.

To enable Support Intelligent PDF in the Configuration Manager:

  1. Select Start All Programs ActivePDF Customer User Interface.

  2. Click the ActivePDF DocConverter 

  3. Click the Watched Folders icon in the navigation pane.

  4. Double-click to edit an existing watched folder in the list of folders.

  5. Click the Input Agent Settings 

  6. Select Support Intelligent PDF.

  7. Click Save.

Note: Disabling or enabling Intelligent PDF also effects hyperlinks etc in the PDF.

To set the UseIntelligentPDF property in the SDK

  • If you are using the DocConverter SDK, set the UseIntelligentPDF

NOTE: Configuring the Configuration Manager, does not have any effect in the output file when the SDK is used.

For more Infomation about the UseIntelligentPDF method, see the DocConverter SDK manual