How to Fully Embed Fonts Using Toolkit

In Toolkit SubsetFonts is set to true by default. To fully embed a font, set SubsetFonts to False.
After SubsetFonts is set to false, fonts are embedded in the output PDFs.

To check for embedded font in the output PDF

  1. Open the PDF and on your keyboard press Ctrl+d to open the PDF Properties dialog box.

  2. Select the Fonts tab.

  3. Look for your font in the list, it should show either (Embedded) or (Subset).

VBS Example for Setting SubsetFonts = False

' Variables ' Template and Output files
varOutputFile = "output.pdf"

' Instantiate Object
Set TK = CreateObject("APToolkit.Object")

' OpenOutputFile
varReturn = TK.OpenOutputFile(varOutputFile)

If varReturn <> 0 Then


End If

' False embeds font, True Subsets Font
TK.SubsetFonts = False

' Set the font for the text on page 1
TK.SetFont "C:\Windows\Fonts\arial.ttf"200

TK.PrintText 10750"Toolkit Version: " & TK.ToolkitVersion TK.NewPage

' CloseOutputFile

' Clear Object 
 TK = Nothing

' Done 

' Error Handling 

Msgbox "'" & Method & "' failed with a '" & varReturn & _

"'" & VBCRLF & "TK Return Codes:" & VBCRLF & _


Set TK = Nothing


End Sub