In order to receive deactivation assistance we require that your ActivePDF annual subscription be current. ActivePDF does not offer license support services without having current maintenance and support, and therefore cannot provide support for license deactivation.

Customers are responsible for using the License Manager utility to manage their licenses including retrieval of existing activation and failure to deactivate retired older servers. The next step is to perform a license audit. To receive license support moving forward, we ask that you identify your current license activation/usage by checking the License Manager on any/all servers. First, launch ActivePDF License Manager by clicking Start, pointing to All Programs > ActivePDF, and then clicking ActivePDF License Manager.

 Click on the license activation inside the License Manager and the activation details will be instantly visible, from inside the ActivePDF License Manager window to capture a screen shot or copy the identifiers of the license activation that reveals the (1) serial number, (2) application code, and (3) activation key details for that server’s license activation.

 From the License Manager, repeat the procedure and invoke the License Manager for each server where you are running ActivePDF software. Once you create a list of the license details for every computer’s activation send this list back to ActivePDF.